Mighty Hercules, The

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Total Episodes : 109 

Total Episodes for Season 1: 109

Season 1
Battle Of the Magic Rings
Diomedes And His Warriors
Diomedes' Evil Plot
Dorian's Wreath
Earthquake Valley
Friend Or Foe Of Centaur
Guarding Of The Olympic Torch
Helena Kidnapped - Hercules To The Rescue
Helena's Beauty
Helena's Jinx
Hercules And His Friends
Hercules And His Two Rivals
Hercules And The Eternal Sleep
Hercules And The Fireball
Hercules And The Magic Arrows
Hercules And The Sea Witch
Hercules Battles The Krudes Beast
Hercules Foils The Mask Of The Vulcan
Hercules Helps King Neptune
Hercules Loses His Memory
Hercules Outwits The Magician
Hercules Protects Helena And Newton
Hercules Saves Calydon
Hercules Saves Helena
Hercules Saves The King
Hercules Saves The Kingdom
Hercules Saves The Villagers
Hercules vs. The Hideous Bird-Beast
Hercules vs. The Many-Headed Hydra
Hercules' Unwanted Powers
Hercules, Newton, And The Evil Magician
King For A Day
Kingdom Under The Glass Dome
Medusa's Sceptre
Newton The Centaur
Omar, The Sultan's Chamion
Princess Rhea
Prometheus In Dire Danger
Sandals Of Electra
Search Of The Golden Apples
Tewt's Magic Wand Trouble
The Bewitch Birds
The Cave Of Callisto
The Cave Of Death
The Centaur On Michief Day
The Chair Of Forgetfulness
The Chameleon Creature
The Chameleon Man
The Clovis Creature
The Clutching Clay Pool
The Crafty Chameleon
The Deadly Gift
The Defiant Mask Of Vulcan
The Dreaded Beast Of Charon
The Dreaded Draught
The Enchanted Pool
The Enchanted Wolf
The Endless Chasm
The Errand Of Mercy
The Eruption Of Mount Sirus
The Evil Weapon
The Exploding Diamond
The Fantus Beast
The Feast Of Calydon
The Fiery Abyss
The Fiery Pits Of Pyros
The Gems Of Venus
The Giant
The Giant Dragonfly
The Giant Ruby
The Golden Goblet
The Golden Torch
The Hall Of Justice
The Island Of The Miros Monster
The Lava Flow
The Lexas Lagoon
The Lyssidian Locusts
The Magic Belt Of Hercules
The Magic Lamp
The Magic Rod
The Magic Sword
The Magician
The Magnetic Stone
The Minotaur
The Neamean Legion
The Owl Man
The Owl-Man Of Panssus
The Powerless Hercules
The Return Of The Mask
The Sea Beast
The Sea Witch
The Sidian Illusion Stone
The Sinister Statue
The sun Diamond Of Helios
The Thesian Thunderhorn
The Thracian Army
The Throne Of Calydon
The Thunderbolt Disc
The Unicorns
The Valley Of Storms
The Valley Of Whirlwinds
The Wild Boar
The Wings Of Mercury
The Witch And The Magic Ring
The Young Olympians
Timon To The Aid Of Hercules
Timon's Grandfather And Hercules
Underwater Battle

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