Maxie's World

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Total Episodes : 32 

Total Episodes for Season 1: 32

Season 1
A Day In The Life Of Rob
A Dog's Tale
Ashes To Ashley
Beach Blanket Battle
Breaking Up Is Hard To Do
Date Expectations
Dear Hunk
Do Or Diary
Fat Chance
Friend Or UFO?
Future Schlock
Goodbye Ghoul World
Hero Word-Ship
I Was A Teenage Council Member
Misadentures In Babysitting
Mushroom and Ferdie's Hysterical Historical Adventure
Photo Opportunity
Pirouettes and Forward Passes
Ride For Your Life
Surfside Over The Rainbow
Teaching An Old Teacher New Tricks
The Five Finger Discount
The Maxie Horror Picture Show
The Not-So Great Outdoors
The Phantom Artists
The Slumber Party
This Rap's For You
To Be Or Not TO Be Ferdie
True Brit
Two Guys For Every Girl
Very Superstitious
Wheelie Bad Dudes

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