Max and Ruby

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Total Episodes : 28 

Total Episodes for Season 1: 13

Season 1
Bunny Cakes; Bunny Party; Bunny Money
Hide and Seek; Louise's Secret; Max's Breakfast
Max Cleans Up; Max's Cuckoo clock; Ruby's Jewelry Box
Max Misses the Bus; Max's Wormcake; Max's Rainy Day
Max's Bath; Ruby's Piano Practice; Max's Bedtime
Max's Birthday; Max's New Suit; Good Night Max
Max's Chocolate Chicken; Ruby's Beauty Shop; Max Drives Away
Max's Christmas; Ruby's Snow Queen; Max's Rocket Run
Max's Halloween; Ruby's Leaf Collection; The Blue Tarantula
Max's Valentine; Ruby Flies a Kite; Super Max
Quiet, Max!; Ruby's Merit Badge; Max's Apple
Ruby's Clubhouse; Camp Out; Max's Picnic
Ruby's Lemonade Stand; Ruby's Rummage Sale; Ruby's Magic Act
Total Episodes for Season 2: 13

Season 2
Max Meets Morris / Max's Work of Art / Ruby's Scavenger Hunt
Max's Bug Salad; Ruby's Beach Party; Super Max to the Rescue
Max's Check Up / Max's Prize / Space Max
Max's Dragon Shirt; Max's Rabbit Racer; Roger's Choice
Max's Froggy Friend; Max's Music ; Max Gets Wet
Ruby Writes a Story / Max's Dominoes / Grandma's Attic
Ruby's Hiccups; The Big Picture; Ruby's Stage Show
Ruby's Panda Prize; Ruby's Roller Skates; Ghost Bunny
Ruby's Tea Party; Max Is It; Ruby's Science Project
Total Episodes for Special: 2

Max & Ruby's Christmas Tree / Grandma's Present / Max & Ruby's Snow Plow
Max's Mix-Up / Max's Snow Bunny / Max's Snow Day

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