Animal Jam, Jim Henson's

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Total Episodes : 30 

Total Episodes for Season 1: 30

Season 1
A Hug a Day
A Water Buffalo Named Pancake
Animal Jam Olympics
Battle of the Animal Jam Bands
Body Talk
Boo Day
Bright Lights, Big Shadow
Crouching Edi, Hidden Waffle
Dance It Out!
Edi Finds Her Groove
Every Which Way but Forward
Everything's Springin' Up!
Hands Across Animal Jam
I Am Rain
Love 'em and Leap 'em
Not So Lost in Space
On the Spot
Pretzel Monkey and Cheese Dip to the Rescue
Rockin' and Rollin'
Side by Side by Side
Snow Day
Swimmin' (Twistin Too) & Flying
Take a Seat Please
The Not So Moving Episode
The Parade Episode
The Quick, the Slow, & the Waffle
The Right Size for You
Touched by a Monkey
Waffle Jam!
Walk the Walk

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In 1912, voice man Jackson Beck (King Leonardo, Buzzy the Crow, Bluto) was born.