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Animal Crackers

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Total Episodes : 39 

Total Episodes for Season 1: 13

Season 1
Dino-Sore-As-Heck / Wilderness Training 101
Going Quackers / Blockbusted
Goodness Snakes / Meet the Folks
Pachyderm Epidemic / Herd Mentality
Pachynmy Bags / Mommy Dearest
Sherlock Dodo / Poultrygeist
Treasure of the Preserva Freeborna / Call Waiting
Total Episodes for Season 2: 18

Season 2
Beauty and Eugene / Freeborn for Rent
Dial-A-Phobia / Time Flies but Dodo Doesn't
Downsizing / Gnus in Canoes
Dustbusters / Freeborn Online
Eight Hooves Out / My Brother's Keeper
Eugenius / Citizen Eugene
Horrorscope / Lights! Camera! Gnu!
Lana Tuner Overdrive / Trust Me
Look Who's Not Talking / Paris, Freeborn
Lyle Files / The Butler Did It
Lyle in the Fast Lane / A Wing and a Prayer
Lyle' Ark / How To Be a Millionare
Rumour of Her Own / Prime Time Crime
Rust in Peace / Trio in Love
Schooldays / Call of the Wild
Sleepover / Classified Casanova
The Cold Scholder / The Last Dodo Egg
The Looney Bin / That's What Friends are For
Total Episodes for Season 3: 8

Season 3
Boo / Fountain of Youth
Brand New Gnu / Boyz Night Out
Fools Gold / Near Myths
Message in a Bottle / Fame, Fortune, Madness
Stop in the Name of Lana / Starstruck
Storyteller / Animal Court
Volcano Madness / Love is Blind
Wishing Well / Eu've Got Mail


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In 1945, Brenda Starr, who had previously appeared only on Sundays, added a daily strip as well.