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Magilla Gorilla Show, The

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Total Episodes : 31 

Total Episodes for Season 1: 31

Season 1
Bank Pranks
Beau Jest
Big Game
Bird Brained
Camp Scamps
Circus Ruckus
Come Back, Little Magilla
Come Blow Your Dough
Deep Sea Doodle
Fairy Godmother
Gridiron Gorilla
Groovy Movie
High Fly Guy
Is That Zoo?
Love At First Sight
Mad Avenue Madness
Mad Scientist
Magilla Mix-Up
Makin' With The Magilla
Masquerade Party
Montana Magilla
Motorcycle Magilla
Pet Bet
Planet Zero
Prince Charming
Private Magilla
Super Blooper Heroes
That Was The Geek That Was
The Purple Mask
Wheelin And Deal

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