Littles, The

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Total Episodes : 31 

Total Episodes for Season 1: 13

Season 1
A Big Cure For A Little Illness
A Little Fairy Tale
A Little Gold...A Lot of Trouble
Beware of Hunter!
Dinky's Doomsday Pizza
Prescription For Disaster
Spirits of The Night
The Big Scare
The Little Scouts
The Little Winner
The Lost City of The Littles
The Rats Are Coming!
Total Episodes for Season 2: 8

Season 2
A Little Rock and Roll
Every Little Vote Counts
Looking For Grandma Little
The Forest Littles
The Little Amazon Queen
The Little Babysitters
The Little Girl Who Could
The Littles' Halloween
Total Episodes for Season 3: 8

Season 3
Ben Dinky
Deadly Jewels
For the Birds
Just a Little Drunk
The Twins
The Wrong Stuff
Tut the Second
When Irish Eyes Are Smiling
Total Episodes for TV Movie: 2

TV Movie
Here Come The Littles
Liberty And The Littles

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In 1942, Warner Bros. released A Tale of Two Kitties.