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Total Episodes : 26 

Total Episodes for Season 1: 13

Season 1
Anatole and the Hunchbat of Notre Dame
Anatole's Parisian Adventure
Cheesy Imposter
Feline Follies
High Fliers
Night of Lights
Phantom of the Cheese
Sewer Rats
The Artful Dodger
The Mouse Who Cried Wolf
The Mouse-a-Lisa
The Village is Falling
Wild Life
Total Episodes for Season 2: 13

Season 2
Anatole and the New Cat
Bully for Anatole
Les Mouserables
Long Long Night
My Favourite Mouse
Mystery of the Dancing Ghost
Over the Sea
Perils of Paulette
String of Pearls
The Mousepiece
Tricky You
Truffle Treasure
World of Cheese

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