Little People

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Total Episodes : 65 

Total Episodes for Season 1: 65

Season 1
All Sorts of Flavors
All Washed Up
Before Your Very Eyes
Big, Bigger, Biggest
Eddie and the Cornstalk
Eddie and the Super Skates
Eddie Finds the Beat
Eddie Saves the Circus
Eddie's Big Race
Eddie's Christmas Surprise
Faster than a Speeding Frog
Feathered and Furry Friends
Follow That Sheep
Freddie's Froggy Family
Friends Forever
Friends Helping Friends
Hansel-Eddie and Sarah-Gretel
Happy Birthday to Zoo
How Much is Too Much
Maggie Brings the Mail
Maggie Moves In
Maggie's Friends Pitch In
Maggie's Gift of Music
Maggie's Musical Masterpiece
Michael and the Bears
Michael and the Cornfield
Michael Helps the Harmony
Michael's Amazing Gift
Michael's Magical Night
Michael's Mystery
One, Two, Three - Draw!
Patrick's Busy Day
Picture Perfect
Sarah Lynn at the Circus
Sarah Lynn Gets a Big Lift
Sarah Lynn Saves Christmas
Sarah Lynn Shares a Song
Sarah Lynn's Best Friends
Sarah Lynn's Counting Song
Sarah Lynn's Sing-Along
Smile, Smiley, Smile!
Sonya Had a Little Lamb
Sonya Lee and the Season of Spring
Sonya Lee and the Super Sundae
Sonya Lee Makes New Friends
Sonya Lee Sings
Sonya Lee's Trip to the Zoo
The Big Bike
The Big Blue Ribbon
The Fast and the Froggy
The Frogly Duckling
The Junk's Not Trash
The Legend of Farmer Jed
The Monkey Who Cried Elephant
The Musical Mobile
The Mystery of Sonya Lee
The Parade of Wheels
The Season of Friendship
The Wheels on the Boat
Trading Places
Up, Up, and Away
Water, Water Everywhere
When Eddie Met Freddie
When Flowers Fly
Where There's Smokey

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