Legend of Tarzan, The

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Total Episodes : 39 

Total Episodes for Season 1: 39

Season 1
The All-Seeing Elephant
The Beast From Below
The British Invasion
The Caged Fury
The Challenger
The Eagle's Feather
The Enemy Within
The Face From The Past
The Flying Ace
The Fountain
The Fugitives
The Gauntlet Of Vengeance
The Giant Beetles
The Hidden World
The Jungle Madness
The Leopard Men Rebellion
The Lost City Of Opar
The Lost Cub
The Lost Treasure
The Missing Link
The Mysterious Visitor
The New Wave
The One Punch Mullargan
The Outbreak
The Poisoned River: Part 1
The Poisoned River: Part 2
The Prison Break
The Protege
The Race Against Time
The Return Of La
The Rift
The Rogue Elephant
The Rough Rider
The Seeds Of Destruction
The Silver Ape
The Silver Screen
The Trading Post
The Volcanic Diamond Mine
Tublat's Revenge

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