Krtek the Little Mole

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Total Episodes : 22 

Total Episodes for Season 1: 22

Season 1
Krtek a buldozer (The Mole and the Bulldozer)
Krtek a jezek (The Mole and the Hedgehog)
Krtek a koberec (The Mole and the Carpet)
Krtek a raketa (The Mole and the Rocket)
Krtek a televizor (The Mole and the TV Set)
Krtek a tranzistor (The Mole and the Transistor Set)
Krtek a vejce (The Mole and the Egg)
Krtek chemikem (The Mole Is a Chemist)
Krtek fotografem (The Mole and the Camera)
Krtek hodinarem (The Mole as a Watchmaker)
Krtek na karnevalu (The Mole at the Carnival)
Krtek na pousti (The Mole in the Desert)
Krtek o vanocich (The Mole at Christmas)
Krtek v Zoo (The Mole at the Zoo)

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