Krazy Kat

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Total Episodes : 230 

Total Episodes for (1916-1917) International Film Services: 29

(1916-1917) International Film Services
A Grid-Iron Hero
A Krazy Katastrophe
A Tale That Is Knot
A Tempest in a Paint Pot
All Is Not Gold That Glitters
He Made Me Love Him
Introducing Krazy Kat and Ignatz Mouse
Krazy and Ignatz Discuss the Letter 'G'
Krazy Kat and Ignatz at the Circus
Krazy Kat and Ignatz Mouse At the Circus
Krazy Kat and Ignatz Mouse Believes in Signs
Krazy Kat and Ignatz Mouse in Their One-Act Tragedy
Krazy Kat and Ignatz Mouse: A Duet
Krazy Kat at Looney Park
Krazy Kat at the Switchboard
Krazy Kat Demi-Tasse
Krazy Kat Goes a-Wooing
Krazy Kat Invalid
Krazy Kat Takes Little Katrina for an Airing
Krazy Kat the Hero
Krazy Kat to the Rescue
Krazy Kat, Bugologist
Missing One
Moving Day
Robbers and Thieves
Roses and Thorns
The Cook
The Tale of the Nude Tail
Throwing the Bull
Total Episodes for (1920-1921) Bray Studios: 11

(1920-1921) Bray Studios
A Family Affair
A Tax from the Rear
How I Became Krazy
Kats Is Kats
Love's Labor Lost
The Awful Spook
The Best Mouse Loses
The Chinese Honeymoon
The Great Cheese Robbery
The Hinges on the Bar Room Door
The Wireless Wire-Walkers
Total Episodes for (1925-1929) Winkler Pictures: 94

(1925-1929) Winkler Pictures
A Bum Steer
A Companionate Mirage
A Fool's Errand
A Fur Peace
A Hunger Stroke
A Joint Affair
A Picked Romance
A Uke-Calamity
Aero Nuts
Auto Suggestion
Baby Feud
Back to Backing
Battling for Barleycorn
Beaches and Scream
Bee Cause
Best Wishes
Black and White
Burnt Up
Busy Birds
Cheese It
Come Easy, Go Slow
Cops Suey
Cow Belles
Don Go On
Dots and Dashes
Double Crossed
East Is Best
Feather Pushers
Flying Yeast
For Crime's Sake
Gold Bricks
Gold Struck
Golf Socks
Grid Ironed
Hair Raiser
Hat Aches
Hire a Hall
Horse Play
Hot Dogs
Ice Boxed
James and Gems
Kiss Crossed
Liar Bird
Love Sunk
Milk Made
Monkey Business
News Reeling
Nicked Nags
Night Owl
Night Owls
On the Trail
Passing the Hat
Petting Larceny
Pie Curs
Pig Styles
Rail Rode
Reduced Weights
Scents and Nonsense
School Daze
Sea Swoid
Sealing Whacks
Shadow Theory
Sharp Flats
Sheep Skinned
Shore Enough
Sleepy Holler
Stage Coached
Still Waters
Stomach Trouble
Stork Exchange
Sucker Game
The Chicken Chaser
The Flight That Failed
The Ghost Fakir
The Lone Shark
The Long Count
The New Champ
The Patent Medicine Kid
The Phantom Trail
The Rain Dropper
The Rug Fiend
The Show Vote
The Smoke Eater
Tired Wheels
Tong Tied
Topsy Turvy
Vanishing Screams
Watery Gravey
Web Feet
Wild Rivals
Wire and Fired
Total Episodes for (1929-1939) Columbia Pictures: 96

(1929-1939) Columbia Pictures
A Happy Family
Alaskan Knights
An Old Flame
Antique Antics
Bars And Stripes
Birth Of Jazz
Bowery Daze
Bunnies And Bonnets
Busy Bus
Canned Music
Cinder Alley
Desert Sunk
Disarmament Conference
Farm Relief
Garden Gaieties
Golf Chumps
Goofy Gondolas
Gym Jams
Hash House Blues
Hic-Cups The Champ
Highway Snobbery
Hollywood Goes Krazy
Honolulu Wiles
Hot Dogs On Ice
Hotcha Melody
House Cleaning
Jazz Rhythm
Kannibal Kapers
Katnips Of 1940
Krazy Magic
Krazy Spooks
Krazy's Bear Tale
Krazy's Newsreel
Krazy's Race Of Time
Krazy's Shoe Shop
Krazy's Travel Squawks
Krazy's Waterloo
Lambs Will Gamble
Lighthouse Keeping
Lil' Ainjil
Little Buckaroo
Love Krazy
Masquerade Party
Merry Cafe
Out Of The Ether
Paper Hanger
Piano Mover
Port Whines
Prosperity Blues
Railroad Rhythm
Ritzy Hotel
Rodeo Dough
Russian Dressing
Sad Little Guinea Pigs
Seeing Stars
Show Time
Slow Beau
Soda Poppa
Soldier Old Man
Sole Mates
Southern Exposure
Spook Easy
Stage Krazy
Stork Market
Swiss Movements
Take For A Ride
The Apache Kid
The Auto Clinic
The Autograph Hunter
The Band Master
The Bill Poster
The Bird Man
The Bird Stuffer
The Broadway Malady
The Cat's Meow
The Crystal Gazebo
The Curio Shop
The King's Jester
The Little Trail
The Lone Mountie
The Lyin' Hunter
The Masque Raid
The Medicine Show
The Minstrel Show
The Peace Conference
The Restless Sax
The Trapeze Artist
Tom Thumb
Wedding Bells
Weenie Roast
Whacks Museum
What A Knight
Wooden Shoes

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