King and Odie, The

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Total Episodes : 99 

Total Episodes for Season 1: 99

Season 1
A Long, Long Trail a-Binding
A Tour de Farce
Am I Glue
An Ace for a King
An Ode in Code
Asleep on the Deep
Back to Nature
Bats in the Ballpark
Battle Slip
Beatnik Boom
Black Is White
Bringing in Biggie
By By Bicycle
Bye Bye Bees
Call Out the Kids
Chicago Shenanigans
Coney Island Calamity
Confound It Confusion
De-Based Ball
Dim Gem
Dog, Cat and Canary
Double Trouble
Drumming Up the Bongos
Duel to the Dearth
East Side, West Side
Falling Asleep
Fatal Fever
Fiesta Time
Fortune Feller
Get 'em Up Scout
Ghosts Guests
Go and Catch a Falling King
Hand Car Heroes
He Who Laughs Last
Heroes Are Made . . . With Salami
Hip Hop Hypnosis
Honey Business
How High Is Up?
Hunting a Hobby
Hup-Two-Three Hike
If At First You Don't Succeed, Try, Try Again
Introducing Mr. Mad
Lead Foot Leonardo
Left Alone Leonardo
Long Days Journey into Fright
Long Laugh Leonardo
Loon from the Moon
Loop the Loop
Lost Lost Lennie
Making a Monkey Shine
Midnight Frolics
Mistaked Claim
My Vine Is Your Vine
No Bong Bongos
Nose for the Noose
Odie Hit the Roadie
Odie Takes a Dive
Offensive Defensive
Out of the Depths
Paris Pursuit
Pulling the Mane Switch
Riches to Rags
Ride 'em Cowboy
Ringside Riot
Romeo and Joliet
Royal Amnesia
Royal Bongo War Chant
Royal Race
Royal Rodeo
S.O. Essex Calling
Shifty Sail
Showdown at Dybher Pass
Spring Along with Itch
Sticky Stuff
Switcheroo Ruler
Teeing Off
The AD Game
The Awful Tower
The Big Falling Out
The Big Freeze
The Carpenter
The Clanking Castle Caper
The King and Me
The King Camps Out
The Loco Play
The Loves of Lynetta Lion
The Obey Ball
The Rat Race
The Sport of Kings
The Tourist Trade
The Trail of the Lonesome Mine
The Treasure of the Sierra Bongos
Tito's Guitar
Treasure Train
Trial of the Traitors
Two Beneath the Mast
Uranium Cranium
Wild and Wobbly

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