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Johnny Cypher in Dimension Zero

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Total Episodes : 130 

Total Episodes for Season 1: 130

Season 1
20,000 Dangers Under The Sea
8000 Degree Farenheit
An Element Of Danger
Attack from Outer Space
Billion Dollar Robbery
Captain Nogo
Crisis on Volcos
Dangerous Games
Descent Into Peril
Electronic Monsters
Endless Zero
Everything Falls Up
Evil Mr Esp
Expedition To The Arctic
Farewell Dr. Root
Forget Ray Of Egghead
Garloch Against The Universe
Giganticus Serum
Gothan The Terrible
Invasion Of The Shadowmen
Invisible Enemy
Invisible Fire Beam
Johnny versus Zena
Liquefier Gun
Mad Magic Of Eerin
Magnetic Mayhem
Menace Of The Flying Saucer
Mission Miraculous
Mission Of Mercy
Mission To Jandor
Mister Mist
Monster Of The Mists
Multiplier Gun
Mysterious meteorites
Mystery Of The Missing Pilots
No More Dimension Zer
Operation Freeze
Peril From The Past
Planet Of Gold
Race Against Time
Red Hot Planet
Rescue On The Moon
Return Of Frankenstein
Rhom, Super Criminal
Seeds Of Chaos
Ship Of Captain Krool
Shoot-Out In Space
Song Of Doom
Space Pirates
Space Prospectors
Space Vacuums
Stolen Space Station
Strangest World Of All
Ten Ton Diamond
Terror In The Toy Shop
The 4 Armed Man
The Abdominable Snowman
The Black Vapour
The Butronic troublemaker
The Castle Of Mr. Mist
The Circus Of Terror
The Coreman
The Crooked Radar Beam
The Crystal Cage
The Deadly Beams
The Deadly Blossom
The Deafening Sound Of Silence
The Doll Invaders
The Door To The Future
The Dyre Moth
The Elusive Space Monster
The Evil Eye
The Eye Of Ramapoor
The Fear Of The year
The Giant Robot
The Gigantic Garble
The Glass Giant
The Gravity Belt Mystery
The Haunted Planet
The Hidden Peril
The Incredible Sponge Man
The Interplanetary Olympiads
The Lost Planet
The Man Duplicator
The Man With The Golden Hands
The Martian Plague
The Menace From Mercury
The Menace Of Maroo
The Mothmen
The Mutant Monsters
The Mysterious Signal
The One- Inch Johnny Cypher
The Paper perisher
The Pet Collectors
The Photo Spy
The Planet Of Little Men
The Quick Quake Maker
The Red Forest
The Rescue Of Robinson Cosmo
The Robot
The Runaway Rocket
The Saturian Triclops
The Shockman Of Shardu
The Space Party
The Stolen Satellite
The Thing From The Sea
The Time Warp
The Torchmen
The Tower Of Majak
The Traitorous Dr. Flood
The Trap
The Vularian
The Wandering World
The Wild Blue Trap
The World Of Lost Men
Tidal Wave Of Terror
Time Marches back
Too Many Johnnies
Wild Animal Hunter
Zero Hour For Glenn City
Zero Vs Nero
Zomar The Merciless


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