Jakers! The Adventures of Piggley Winks

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Total Episodes : 40 

Total Episodes for Season 1: 15

Season 1
All Night Long
Donkeys Into Racehorses
Ferny Is a Bug
Fir Not
Good Neighbors
Molly's Dolly
Picture Perfect
Pie Filling
Rock Around the Cluck
Song of the Banshee
Teacher Creature
The Case of Big Sty
The Cat Came Back ... And Back
The Dragon's Egg
The Salmon of Knowledge
Total Episodes for Season 2: 12

Season 2
A Little Bit Something Extra! Extra!
Ferny Gets A Crush
Ferny Wears The Star
For Whom The Bell Trolls
Lucky U
Milk Melodrama
My Right Arm
New Best Friends
No Girls Allowed
Sheep About Town
The Legend of Raloo
Treasure Hunt
Total Episodes for Season 3: 9

Season 3
A Touch Of Spain
Dannan's American Cousin
Father's Day
Growing Pains
Molly Had A Little Lamb
Rain, Rain, Go Away
The Creepy Cabbage of County Galway
Trial and Error
Waking Thor
Total Episodes for Season 4: 4

Season 4
Dannan Does a Jig
Searching For A Shamrock
Wish Upon a Story p. 1
Wish Upon a Story p. 2

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