Hong Kong Phooey

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Total Episodes : 16 

Total Episodes for Season 1: 16

Season 1
Car Thieves / Zoo Story
Comedy Cowboys
Dr. Disguiso / The Incredible Mr. Shrink
From Bad To Verse (Rotten Rhymer) / Kong And The Counterfeiters
Goldfisher / Green Thumb
Grandma Goody (Cat Burglar) / Candle Power
Iron Head, The Robot / Cotton Pickin' Pocket Picker
Mirror, Mirror On The Wall / Great Movie Mystery
Mr. Tornado / The Little Crook Who Wasn't There
The Abominable Snowman / Professor Crosshatch
The Claw / Hong Kong Phooey Vs. Hong Kong Phooey
The Great Choo Choo Robbery / Patty Cake, Patty Cake, Bakery Man
The Gumdrop Kid / Professor Presto (The Malevolent Magician)
The Penthouse Burglaries / Batty Bank Mob
The Voltage Villain / The Giggler
TV Or Not TV / Stop Horsing Around

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