Herman and Katnip

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Total Episodes : 32 

Total Episodes for Season 1: 32

Season 1
A Bicep Built for Two
Cat Carson Rides Again
Cat in the Act
Cat Tamale
Drinks on the Mouse
Felineous Assault
Frighty Cat
From Mad to Worse
Fun on the Furlough
Herman the Cartoonist
Hide and Peak
Katnip's Big Day
Mice Capades
Mice Meeting You
Mice Paradise
Mouse Trapeze
Mousetro Herman
Mousieur Herman
Naughty But Mice
Northwest Mousie
Of Mice and Magic
Of Mice and Menace
One Funny Knight
Owly to Bed
Robin Rodenthood
Ship A-Hooey
Sky Scrappers
Surf and Sound
Will Do Mousework
You Said a Mouseful

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