Here Comes the Grump

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Total Episodes : 33 

Total Episodes for Season 1: 33

Season 1
A Hitch in Time
A Mess for King Midix
Apachoo Choo Choo
Beware of Giants
Blunderland Flying Machine
Cherub Land
Good Grief, Mother Goose
Grump Meets Peter Paintbrush
Hoppy-Go-Lucky Hippetty Hoppies
Joltin' Jack in Boxia
Meet the Blockheads
Sno Land Like Snow Land
Sugar and Spite
The Bailed-Up Bloonywoonies
The Blabbermouth of Echo Island
The Bloodywine Battle
The Eenie Meenie Miner
The Good Ghost Ship
The Grand Slam of Door City
The Great Grump Crunch
The Great Shampoo of Snow White City
The Great Thorn Forest
The Grump Meets the Grough-Grooch
The Lemonade Sea
The Shaky Shutter Bugs
The Show of Shoe-Cago
The Wily Wheelies
The Yuks of Gagville
Toilin' Toolie Birds
Under the Pea Green Sea
Visit to a Ghost Town
Witch is Witch?
With Malice in Blunderland

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