Herculoids, The

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Total Episodes : 47 

Total Episodes for 1981 (Space Stars): 11

1981 (Space Stars)
Return Of The Ancients
Space Trappers
The Buccaneer
The Energy Creature
The Firebird
The Ice Monsters
The Invisibles
The Purple Menace
The Snake Riders
The Thunderbolt
Total Episodes for Season 1: 36

Season 1
Attack from Space
Attack of the Faceless People
Defeat or Orgon
Destroyer Ants
Invasion of the Electrode Men
Laser Lancers
Malak and the Metal Apes
Mekkano, the Machine Master
Mission of the Amatrons
Prisoner of the Bubblemen
Queen Skorra
Return of Sta-Lak
Revenge of the Pirates
Ruler of the Reptons
Sarko the Arkman
Temple of Trax
The Android People
The Antidote
The Beaked People
The Crystallites
The Gladiators of Kyanite
The Island of the Gravites
The Lost Dorgyte
The Mole Men
The Mutoids
The Pirates
The Pod Creatures
The Raiders
The Raiders Apes
The Return of Torrak
The Spider Man
The Swamp Monster
The Time Creatures
The Zorbots
Tiny World of Terror

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