Hector Heathcote Show, The

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Total Episodes : 35 

Total Episodes for Season 1: 35

Season 1
A Bell for Philadelphia
Barrel of Fun
Belabor Thy Neighbor
Crossing the Delaware
Daniel Boone, Jr.
Drum Roll
Expert Explorer
First Flight Up
Flight to the Finish
Har Har Harpoon
Hats Off to Hector
He-Man Seaman
High Flyer
Hold the Fort
Ice Cream for Help
Klondike Strikes Out
Land Grab
Lost and Foundations
Messy Messenger
Peace Pipe
Pig in a Poke
Railroaded to Fame
Riverboat Mission
Search for a Symbol
Tea Party
The Big Cleanup
The Famous Ride
The First Fast Mail
The First Telephone
The Hectormobile
The Minute and A Half Man
The Unsung Hero
Train Terrain
Valley Forge Hector
Wind Bag

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