Heavy Gear

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Total Episodes : 40 

Total Episodes for Season 1: 40

Season 1
All-Star Gears
Close Encounters Of The Gear Kind
Gear Scout Jamboree
Gear Wars
Gearrasic Park
Gears Of Fire
Grudge Match
Happy New Gear
Heavy Gear Smashdown
Marcus Rover Highlights
Marcus Rover, Northern Ace
Mega Duel
Mercenary Gambit
Of Monsters And Mayhem
Rolling Brawl
The Big Round-Up
The Desert Duel
The Face-Off
The Monster Of The Maze
The Most Dangerous Gear
The Rise & Fall Of The Heavy Gear Empire
The Scavenger Hunt
The Space Race
The Spider's Web
The Third Degree
The Tournament
The Train
The Tunnels
The Ultra Duel
The Vanguard Storm
The Zero Racer
Tournament Xtreme
Training A Dragon
Under Orem
Under Water, Under Siege
When Gears Collide

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In 2006, created by Adam Reed and Matt Thompson, the new [adult swim] toon Frisky Dingo introduced late-night audiences to the bizzaro universe of Killface and Awesome X.