Galaxy Trio, The

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Total Episodes : 20 

Total Episodes for Season 1: 20

Season 1
Battle of the Aquatrons
Cavemen of Primevia
Computrons Lives
Drackmore the Despot
Eye of Time
Galaxy Trio vs. Growliath
Galaxy Trio vs. The Moltes of Meteorus
Gralike of Gravitas
Invasion of the Sporoids
Peril of the Prison Planet
Plastus the Pirate Planet
Return of Aques
Revolt of the Robots
Space Fugitives
Space Slaves
The Demon Raiders
The Duplitrons
The Galaxy Trio & the Sleeping Planet
The Rock Men
Titan the Titanium Man

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In 2004, at age 88, veteran comic book artist Irv Novick died.