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Adventures of Superboy, The

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Total Episodes : 34 

Total Episodes for Season 1: 34

Season 1
A Devil Of A Time
Attack Of The Super-Spaceman
Double Trouble, Double Doom
Forget-Me-Not Superdog
Hurricane Fighters
King Superboy
Krypto's Calamitous Caper
Krypto, K-9 Detective
Krypto, Super-Seeing Eye Dog
Operation Counter Invasion
Superboy Meets Mighty Lad
Superboy's Strangest Foe
Superboy's Super-Dilemma
The Beast That Went Berzerk
The Beast Wiht Two-Faces
The Black Knight
The Capricious Crony
The Chameleon Creature
The Deep-Sea Dragon
The Finger Of Doom
The Gorilla Gang
The Great Kryptonite Caper
The Great Space Chase
The Jinxed Circus
The Man Who Knew Superboy's Secret
The Monster Molecule
The Neanderthal Caveman Caper
The Revolt Of Robotville
The Space Refugees
The Spy From Outerspace, Part 1
The Spy From Outerspace, Part 2
The Super-Clown Of Smallville
The Terrible Trio
Visitor From The Earth's Core

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