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Flintstone Kids, The

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Total Episodes : 36 

Total Episodes for Season 1: 26

Season 1
Barney's Moving Experience
Bedrock 'N' Roll / Greed It And Weep / Captain Cavepuppy
Bedrock P.I.'s / Freddy's Mechanical Dog / A Tale Too Silly
Betty's Big Break / Revenge Of The Bullied / Curse Of The Reverse
Curse Of The Gemstone Diamond
Dino Goes Hollyrock / Chocolate Chip Catastrophe
Dusty Disappears
Frankenstone / Yard Wars / Freezy Does It
Freddy In The Big House / The Butcher Shop / Grime And Punishment
Freddy's First Crush
Freddy's Rocky Road To Karate
Heroes For Hire
I Think That I Shall Never See Barney Rubble As A Tree / Dino Come Home
Indiana Flintstone / Dreamchip's Car Wash / Invasion Of The Mommy Snatchers
Monster From The Tar Pits / What's Price Fleadom / Hero Today, Gone Tomorrow
Philo's Invention / Watchdog Blues / Leave It To Mother
Poor Little Rich Girl
Princess Wilma / The Dino Diet / To Baby Or Not To Baby
Rubble Without A Cause / Dressed Up Dino / The Ditto Master
Sugar And Spies / The Vet / I Was A Teenage Grown-Up
The Bad News Brontos
The Fugitives
The Great Freddini
The Little Visitor / Grandpa For Loan
The Rock Concert That Rocked Freddy
The Twilight Stone / The Terror Within / Day Of The Villians
Total Episodes for Season 2: 10

Season 2
A Tiny Egg / Little Rubble, Bbig Trouble
Anything You Can Do, I Can Do Betty / Haircutastrophe
Better Buddy Blues / Who's Faultin' Who
Camper Scamper / Bone Voyage / The Cream-pier Strikes Back
Freddy The 13th / A Midnight Pet Peeve / The Big Bedrock Bully Bash
Philo's D-Feat / The Birthday Shuffle / Captain Cavedog
Rocky's Rocky Road / World War Flea / Captain Caveman's Super Cold
The Flintstone Fake Ache / Killer Kitty / Captain Knaveman
The Flintstone Kids Just Say No

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