Farmer Al Falfa

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Total Episodes : 61 

Total Episodes for Bray Studios: 17

Bray Studios
Farmer Al Falfa and his Tentless Circus
Farmer Al Falfa Invents a Kite
Farmer Al Falfa See's New York
Farmer Al Falfa Wolfhound
Farmer Al Falfa's Blind Pig
Farmer Al Falfa's Bride
Farmer Al Falfa's Catastrophe
Farmer Al Falfa's Egg-Citement
Farmer Al Falfa's Pet Cat
Farmer Al Falfa's Prune Plantation
Farmer Al Falfa's Revenge
Farmer Al Falfa's Scientific Diary
Farmer Al Falfa's Watermelon Patch
Farmer Al Falfa's Wayward Pup
The Bone of Contention
The Farmer and the Cat
The Farmer and the Ostrich
Total Episodes for Terrytoons: 44

A Close Shave
A June Bride
Barnyard Amateurs
Canadian Capers
Club Sandwich
Farmer Al Falfa's Prize Package
Farmer Al Falfa's Twentieth Anniversary
Farmer Alfalfa's Ape Girl
Farmer Alfalfa's Bedtime Story
Farmer Alfalfa's Birthday Party
Flying Oil
Flying South
Home Town Olympics
Moans And Groans
Noah's Outing
Old Dog Tray
Pink Elephants
Puddy the Pup And The Gypsies
Robinson Crusoe
Rolling Stones
Spring Is Here
The 19th Hole Club
The Alpine Yodeler
The Big Game Hunt
The Champ
The Dancing Bear
The Explorer
The Health Farm
The Hot Spell
The Mechanical Cow
The Owl And The Pussycat
The Runt
The Sultan's Cat
The Tin Can Tourist
The Village Blacksmith
The Western Trail
Trailer Life
Tropical Fish
What A Night
Why Mules Leave Home
Ye Olde Songs

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