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Adventures of Paddington Bear, The

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Total Episodes : 39 

Total Episodes for Season 1: 13

Season 1
A Visit to the Bank / A Spot of Fishing / Bear's Job Week
A Visit to the Hospital / Paddington Takes to the Road / The Last dance
Adventures at the Seaside / Paddington and the Pyramid Selling / The Finishing Touch
Paddington and the Stately Home / The Opal of My Eye / Too Much off the Top
Paddington at the Wheel / Howdy Paddington / A Shopping Expedition
Paddington Cleans Up / Riding High / Paddington Dines Out
Paddington Gets a Raise / Bonhomme Paddington / Everything Comes to Those Who Wait
Paddington Goes Underground / Paddington in the Ring / Mr. Curry Lets Off Steam
Paddington Hits Out / Ranger Paddington / Paddington's Puzzle
Paddington Keeps Fit / Paddington Goes to Washington / Paddington at the Launderette
Paddington Turns Detective / A Spot of Imagining / A Visit to the Theatre
The Case of the Doubtful Dummy / The Greatest Paddington on Earth / Paddington Goes to Court
The Treasure Hunt / Paddington Goes to Hollywood / Mr. Gruber's Mystery Tour
Total Episodes for Season 2: 13

Season 2
A Day to Remember / Paddington in Spain / A Most Unusual Ceremony
A Disappearing Trick / Paddington Saves the Day / Paddington Goes to School
A Sticky Time / Corporal Paddington / Paddington Buys a Share
In and Out of Trouble / Sir Paddington / A Spot of Decorating
Old Master Paddington / Paddington and the Pardon / A Picnic on the River
Paddington and the Cold Snap / Paddington and the Yeti / Paddington Hits the Jackpot
Paddington Breaks the Peace / Paddington Takes Off / Trouble At Number 32
Paddington Goes to the Dentist / Paddington's Dinosaur / Padington's First Flight
Paddington in a Hole / Paddington in the Galapagos / Paddington Strikes A Bargain
Paddington in Touch / Paddington and the Dead Sea / Goings on at Number Thirty-Two
Paddington Steps Out / Paddington Prepares / Paddington Recommended
Pantomime Time / Paddington in Alaska / A Stitch in Time
Total Episodes for Season 3: 13

Season 3
April Fools / Gold Rush Paddington / Paddington Calls the Shots
House Training / Dare Devil Bear / Paddington the Rock Star
Mr. Curry's Birthday Bash / Paddington and the Loch Ness Monster / Copybear
One Bear's Treasure / A Bear of Style / A Night at the Opera
Paddington Clocks In / Paddington Goes Swiss / A Day by the Sea
Paddington Gets His Money's Worth / Drive Bear Drive / Paddington Delivers the Goods
Paddington Takes a Cut / Anchors Away / Paddington Passes Through
Paddington the Babysitter / Paddington on the Orient Express / Paddington and the Frog of Doom
Paddington the Tour Guide / The Royal Tour / Superstitious Paddington
The Amazing Paddington / Pirates / Paddington the Host
The Great Escape / The Paddington Files / Paddington the Surveyor
The Spy Who Loved Marmalade / Paddington at Wimbledon / Paddington in the Park
What's Going On at Number 32 / Paddington at the Stone Garden / Trouble in the Bargain Basement


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