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Deck the Halls


Original Air Date:
Prod. Co.:
Perennial Pictures
Christmas special

Characters & Voices
Edwina - Rachel Rutledge
Robert - Jerry Reynolds
Baxter - Jerry Reynolds
Wadsworth - Chris Cawthorne
Andrew - Peter Schmutte
Allison - Kimberly Ann Harris
In this special, the father of two children pass away and someone has to take care of his kids. They will either go to his brother or sister. Whoever gets them, also gets the money that he left behind. The sister wants the kids so she can get the money, so she takes them the first week and brings them back to her mansion. Why she needs the extra money I'll never know. During the week she begins to get very attached to the kids and dreads the fact that her brother might get them. Not because of the money, but because she loves the children's company. The week ends and the brother gets them. Every now and then she sneaks over and watches through the window to see what they are doing. She decides to break in at night and take the presents to her house and tell the children that Santa came to her house so they must belong to her. She finds a gift to her and opens it. Inside she finds the doll she had as a child all fixed up and like new. She decides that they are better off where they are and leaves. The next day, while she is thinking of the children, she hears a commotion outside. She rushes out to see what it is and finds the children. They picked her after all. They know what it was like to be lonely, and they didn't want her to be that way anymore.
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