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Daria: Is It Fall Yet?


Original Air Date:
Prod. Co.:
Karen Disher and Guy Moore
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Characters & Voices
Daria Morgendorffer - Tracy Grandstaff
Jane Lane - Wendy Hoopes
Helen Morgendorffer - Wendy Hoopes
Quinn Morgendorffer - Wendy Hoopes
Rachel Anton .... (voice) -
Brett Barsky .... (voice) -
Corey Block .... (voice) -
Cindy E. Brolsma .... (voice) -
Joseph Buoye .... (voice) -
Stacy Rowe - Sarah Drew
Andrew Landon - Bart Fasbender
Katherine 'Kay' Sloane - Amanda Fox
Maggie Fredric .... (voice) (as Maggie Frederic) -
Amy Goldman .... (voice) -
Trent Lane - Alvaro J. Gonzalez
Thomas 'Tom' Sloane - Russell Hankin
Joey - Steven Huppert
Jessica Cydnee Jackson .... Jodie Abigail Landon (voice) -
Lemon Krasny .... (voice) -
Ms. Angela Li - Nora Laudani
John Lynn .... 'Sick, Sad World' Announcer (voice) -
(as John Worth Lynn, Jr.) -
Janie Mertz .... Sandi Griffin, Brittany Taylor (voice) -
David Moritt .... (voice) -
Rhodri J. Murphy .... (voice) -
Jeffy - Tim Novikoff
Amy Palmer .... (voice) -
Ashley Albert .... Tiffany Blum - Deckler (voice) (as Petunia)
Jake Morgendorffer - Julián Rebolledo
Jesse Moreno - Willy Schwenz
Mr. Anthony DeMartino - Marc Thompson
Mr. Timothy O'Neill - Marc Thompson
Kevin Thompson - Marc Thompson
Jamie White - Marc Thompson
Amir Williams .... Michael Jordan 'Mack' Mackenzie (voice) -
James Woods (IV) .... (voice) -
David Sorenson - Carson Daly
Daniel Dotson - David Grohl
Alison - Bif Naked
Continuing from the final two episodes of Season #4, Daria deals with the hassles of dating Jane's ex-boyfriend Tom and being forced to "volunteer" as a counselor at a camp for overly-sensitive kids supervised by none other than Mr. O'Neill, where she meets a boy named Link who has a more negative outlook on life than she does. Tom turns out to be the son of one of the bigwigs of a prestigious investment firm who's family loves her as much as he does, so he can't understand why she's having such a hard time putting any effort into their relationship. But Daria's not the only one suffering this summer. Jane is so distraught by life in Lawndale she retreats to the Ashfield Artist's Colony where she discovers how pretentious her fellow colonists really are. Her only friend there, Alison turns out to be a bisexual who tries to put the moves on her, thereby making her question her identity. Quinn's less-than-stellar grades cause her to fall short of approval to a "party college," forcing her to spend the summer with a tutor who brings out quailities she never knew she had in
herself before. Jodie and Mack(especially Jodie) are far too involved in activities that keep them apart, and Lawndale itself becomes anything but a safe place for kids to play when Kevin and Brittany are hired as lifeguards at the local swimming pool.
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