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Daria: Is It College Yet?


Original Air Date:
Prod. Co.:
Lemon Krasny
Random special

Characters & Voices
Daria Morgendorffer - Tracy Grandstaff
Jane Lane - Wendy Hoopes
Helen Barksdale Morgendorffer - Wendy Hoopes
Quinn Morgendorffer - Wendy Hoopes
Jake Morgendorffer - Julián Rebolledo
Trent Lane - Alvaro J. Gonzalez
Thomas 'Tom' Sloane - Russell Hankin
Andrea - Janie Mertz
Sandi Griffin - Janie Mertz
Brittany Taylor - Janie Mertz
Stacy Rowe - Sarah Drew
Ms. Janet Barch - Ashley
Tiffany Blum - Deckler
Albert (as Petunia) -
Mr. Anthony DeMartino - Marc Thompson
Mr. Timothy O'Neill - Marc Thompson
Kevin Thompson - Marc Thompson
Jamie White - Marc Thompson
Joey - Steven Huppert
Jeffy - Tim Novikoff
Michael Jordan 'Mack' Mackenzie - Amir Williams(as Amir "Nicky" Williams)
Jodie Abigail Landon - Jessica Cydnee Jackson
Andrew Landon - Bart Fasbender
Michele Landon - Laurine Towler
Katherine 'Kay' Sloane - Amanda Fox
Charles 'Upchuck' Ruttheimer III - Geoffrey Arend
Sick, Sad World Announcer - John Lynn(as John Worth Lynn, Jr.)
Ms. Angela Li - Nora Laudani
Professor Bill Woods - Rand Bridges(as H.R. Bridges)
Lisa Goldwyn - Becca Lish
Lindy - Jessica Hardin
Shauna - Jennifer Visalli
Lisa - Stefanie Layne
Man at Governor's Park - Ben McCrea
Michelle Damato .... (voice) -
Karen Kunkel .... (voice) -
Gilat Meltzer .... (voice) -
Daniel Milledge .... (voice) -
Maria Rodas .... (voice) -
Fisher Stevens .... (voice) -
Brad Sussman .... (voice) (as Bradford Jay Sussman) -
M. Ting .... (voice) -
Daria and the other seniors at Lawndale High (well, most of them anyway) are on their way to college. However, Daria's difficulty in getting into the same college as Tom begins to put a greater strain on their relationship, while Jane begins to question the necessity of entering college when the only future she's interested in is that of the arts. Meanwhile, Jodie's hopes of going to an all-black college are on the verge of being dashed by her parents, and it's up to Mack to save the day. Brittany can't get any
information from Kevin about his college plans, Mrs. Barch thinks Mr. O'Neill wants to marry him, and Quinn takes a job at a restaurant where she meets a friend who's already in college and spends more time hitting
the bottle than the books.
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