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D.J. Kat Show, The


Original Air Date:
Prod. Co.:

Characters & Voices
Head Puppeteers/ Puppet - Makers:
Jim Martin (1987) -
Craig Martin (1987 - 1991)
Comedy asistants: -
Elizabeth Rose (1987) -
Jennifer Davis - Carmen De LaPaz(1987
Linda de Mol -
Puppet Characters: -
D.J. Kat - (Jim Martin, Craig Marin)
Mr. Midas G. Merkle - Craig Marin
Baby Mouth - Craig Marin
Poosie The Dog - Craig Marin
Lucky Stiff - Craig Marin
Live Character: -
Brackish Swampwater - Craig Marin
The Puppeteers on that show were Jim Martin and later on Craig Marin. The show began as a saturday morning kids tv show in October, 1987 on WNYW TV Ch. 5 in NYC. (WNEW TV Ch. 5 was sold to The Fox TV Network in March, 1986). The series moved to Sunday Mornings in 1987 and Craig Marin succeeded Jim Martin as the show's second and last puppeteer. Elizabeth Rose Was "DJ's" first comedy assistant. Ms. Rose was succeeded by "Jennifer Davis" (played by Carmen DeLaPaz). "The DJ Kat Show" remained on the air on Sunday mornings until Sunday December 24, 1989. The show moved to a Weekday afternoon timeslot and became "The Fox Five Kids Club". Mr. DeLaPaz left the series and Mr. Marin's "Flexatoon Puppets" continued to entertain their viewers inbetween the reruns of "The Dick Tracy Show", "Alvin & The Chipmunks", "Woody Woodpecker Show" and "Super Mario Brothers Super Show" tv cartoons from Monday December 25, 1989 to Friday March 15, 1991.


From what I can remember, it aired during the mid 80's ( I think from 1986- maybe '87 or '88) on Sunday mornings before the Cartoon Express, on the USA Network. D J Kat was this cat puppet who wore a black leather jacket, had a female( human) co-host, and introduced cartoons. He occasionally had special guests on his show, such as wrestler Jake "The
Snake" Roberts.
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