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Fred Hall -
On Monday afternoon September 3, 1962 Radio/ tv broadcaster/ artist/ cartoonist and children's tv entertainer Fred Hall succeeded Fred Scott as the host/ performer of "Felix & The Wizard!".

Set against a bizzare backdrop of odd looking whatnot drawers and cabinets, Mr. Hall would engage his viewers in character comedy and puppet skits that featured such characters as "The Lone Musketeer" (Mr. Hall would don a musketeer's costume and beard for this sketch), "Mr.Widget" (Hall dressed as an elderley toymaker), A Lucien Littlefield like bumbling tv reporter, and "Mr.Raggs" (a silent sad face tramp clown who tries to cope with everday problems).

He also engaged his viewers in games, contests, drawing lessons, craftmaking, hobbies and interviews with guest performers and personalities in between the reruns of "The Felix The Cat" tv cartoons, "Tales From The Wizard of Oz" tv cartoons, "Rod Rocket" TV Cartoons, "Deputy Dawg" TV Cartoons and "Adventures Of Jungle Boy" Films (These were reruns of a 1950's live action series that featured a boy in a leopard skin loincloth who, with the help of his adult guardian, fought evil doers in the African jungles).

Mr. Hall would introduce this segment decked out in a leopard skin, flannel underwear, a black curly wig and derby hat performing pantomime skits. Mr. Hall also screened "The Diver Dan" Puppet films. More often than not he performed in a series of comedy skits with a character known as "The Boogle" ("The Boogle" was played by comic/ character actor and singer, the late Barney Martin).

"Felix & The Wizard" was the first NYC based kids tv show to screen reruns of Rankin/ Bass' "Tales From The Wizard Of Oz" tv cartoons. During the show's run, the series title changed to "Hall In Fun!". Fred Hall would continue to entertain and inform his viewers until the station execs at Ch. 5 ended the fun on Friday September 3, 1965. Mr. Hall's NYC kids tv show assignment was serving as the fourth and last mc of Ch. 5's weekday afternoon cartoon fest "Cartoon Playtime" from Monday September 7, 1964 to Friday January 29, 1965.
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