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Johnny Andrews -
The series debuted on WRCA TV Ch.4 in NYC on Thursday Moring August 15,1957. Aimed at adults, the series had helpful hints for mothers and housewives. But the series also featured comedy and puppet skits, craft making, hobbies, games, songs, stories, informational segments and interviews with guest performers and personalities aimed at young children.

Shari Lewis was the show's first host/ performer/ instructor and interviewer. She would mc the program weekday mornings on Ch.4 with Gene London serving as Ms. Lewis' assistant puppteer. Ms. Lewis would continue to host the program until she left the show following the Friday March 20, 1959 broadcast. She was replaced by Ventriloquist and cartoon voice over actor Jimmy Weldon on Monday March 25, 1959.

Weldon and his duck puppet "Webster Webfoot" would host the show until they abruptly left the series on Friday July 17, 1959 (During Weldon's tenuire as the program's second host/ performer the show's title changed to "Family!") Singer/ musican and storyteller Johnny Andrews became the program's third mc on Monday August 17, 1959. Andrews had mc'd his own kids tv shows in Cleveland, Ohio and he briefly served as the host/ performer for WRCA TV Ch.4 NYC's "Sunday Schedule".

He would engage his viewers in songs, stories, craftmaking, hobbies, informational segments and interviews with guest performers and personalities. Andrews would also perform comedic banter with The Paul Ashley Puppets inbetween the reruns of cartoons. (Chuck McCann served as Paul Ashley's asistant puppeteer on the show) Andrews and The Paul Ashley Puppets would continue to entertain and inform their viewers on"Family" until they left the show on Friday August 28,1959.

The Ritts Puppets became the series fourth and last hosts/ performers on Monday August 31, 1959, performing sophisticated comedy and original songs with their puppets "Magnolia The Ostrich", "Sir Geoffrey The Giraffe", "Albert The Chipmunk" and "Calvin The Crow". Paul And Mary Ritts and their puppets would continue to entertain and inform their viewers until the station execs at WRCA TV Ch.4 in NYC ended the program on Friday September 7, 1962.

Johnny Andrews and The Paul Ashley Puppets would mc their last NYC based kids TV Show "The Johnny Andrews Show" on WOR TV Ch.9 that same year.
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