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Clown & The Kids, The


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Characters & Voices
Weary Willie The Silent Tramp Clown - Emmett Kelly
The Piper - Emmett Kelly
Emmett Kelly - Himself
Emmett Kelly's son and daughter -
The mayor of small eurpoean village -
Jonathan Scragg -
In this children's musical fantasy film, Circus clown Emmett Kelly, his son and daughter and the members of their circus troop trying to perform in a small European hamlet. But, their endeavours are being thwarted by the evil and mean spirited patriarch of the town Jonathan Scragg.

Mr. Kelly finally foils the villian by turning himself into The Piper and working with the children of the town. They lead a revolt against Scragg and his men, return control of the town back to the people and are finally allowed to perform for the citizens of the small village.

This was the second of three films where Emmett Kelly appears with and without his clown makeup and costume (The first was the murder mystery "The Fat Man"). It is also Mr. Kelly's last movie. "The Clown & The Kids" was released theaterically by Childhood Productions Inc. in 1969 and it's the second feature film to present an original story; the first was Paul Tripp and Rosiano Brazzi's "The Christmas That Almost Wasn't!" in 1966.
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