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Captain Jet Show, The


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Live Action

Characters & Voices
Capt. Jet - Stan Sawyer (1953
Capt. Jet - Joe Silver (1955
Set against the backdrop of futuristic rocket ship, "Capt. Jet" and his "Space Hopper" (a boy or girl chosen to appear on the show via a mailed in request) takes imaginary travels to other galaxies and engage the viewers in games, stories, informational segments and comedy inbetween reruns of Laurel & Hardy, Thelma Todd/ Zasu Pitts/ Patsy Kelly, Charley Chase, Leon Erroll and Edgar Kennedy film comedies.

The program, which was originally created and hosted by Dallas McKennon for L.A. Ca, based tv station KNXT TV Ch. 2 in 1950 was later taken over by CBS TV exec James Aubrey and developed as a local kids tv series for the CBS TV affilliates. NYC based actor and radio DJ Stan Sawyer was the first host of WCBS TV Ch. 2 NYC's "Capt. Jet Show" Saturday and Sunday mornings from 1953 to 1955. Comic/ character actor and mimic Joe Silver took over the program and continued to host the show from 1955 until the series ended on Sunday December 31, 1960.
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