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Appleseed Saga Ex Machina


Original Air Date:
Prod. Co.:
Shirow Masamune

Characters & Voices
Innovative world view and elaborate set drawn Masamune Shirou popular comic book by the Appleseed, based on the aspirations Shin Aramaki, manager of the 2004 "Appleseed" after re-animated feature of the sci-fi action. John Woo served as a producer, including the various sectors of the global creator is in the lap of luxury concentrate on the original view of the world gargantuan scale visualization along. In the year 2138, half of humanity is nonnuclear War by death, conflict and chaos the world over. Born in a neutral city with a cease-fire (Olympus), and human cyborg, and the human gene built in, the anger and hatred to control the tribe, "Danger" is coexistent. Olympus belong to a special unit ES.W.A.T. BURIAREOSU Dunant and the battle when the partner, but with lovers. Past BURIAREOSU wounded in battle and became cyborg body is still Dunant love to change that. But one day, during a campaign was moribund BURIAREOSU serious injuries, signs of improvement have been invisible remains in a coma. Meanwhile, Dunant`s new partner as assigned by the BURIAREOSU genes designed, a cyborg before him in the face and body with the substance, terreus. Meanwhile the time, in many parts of runaway cyborg is a terrorist mirabilis, the highest level of vigilance will continue Olympus was ....
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