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A Child's Time


Original Air Date:
Prod. Co.:
Studio Barcelona

Characters & Voices
Aoki Daisuke -
Kokonoe Rin -
Mimi -
Entitled "Kodomo no Jikan"

Based on the seinen manga by Watashiya Kaworu, serialised in Comic High!. NOT related to the other Kodomo no Jikan by Goto Akira!

It`s the cute ones you`ve gotta watch out for...

23-year old school teacher Aoki Daisuke has a huge problem. One of his precocious 3rd Grade students, Kokonoe Rin, has the hots for him! That`s right, the mischievous Rin has proclaimed herself to be Daisuke-sensei`s girlfriend and is now on the warpath to win him over or get him fired...whichever comes first! That`s not the end of Daisuke`s problems, though; he also has to find out what happened to Mimi, a friend of Rin`s who has yet to attend school.
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