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George of the Jungle


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Classic Media

Characters & Voices
George - Lee Tockar
Ursula - Britt Irvin
Ape - Paul Dobson
Magnolia - Tabitha St. Germain
Tookie Tookie - Tabitha St. Germain
Shep - Frank Welker
Dr. Towel Scott - Mark Oliver
The Witch Doctor - Brian Drummond
Narrator - Michael Daingerfield
Big Mitch - Doron Bell Jr.
Cousin Larry - Peter Kelamis
Take a vine-swinging ride with George, the undisputed King of the Jungle, his best buddy, an ape named Ape, and friends Ursula and Magnolia. For these friends, every day is a new adventure filled with missteps, mayhem and monkey business - where's there's always another tree to crash into! Lucky for them, even when he goes left, George always does right. Our Hero.

Watch out for that tree!
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