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Woody Woodpecker's Spookananny


Original Air Date:
Prod. Co.:
Universal TV Inc.
Halloween special

Characters & Voices
Woody Woodypecker - Gracie Stafford Lantz
Buzz Buzzard - Dal McKennon
Andy Panda - Don Messick
Splinter - June Foray
Knothead - June Foray
Smeadly The Dog - Daws Butler
Sugarfoot -
Hosts/ Performers: -
Walter Lantz -
Chuck McCann -
Hank Stohl -
Walter Lantz created and produced this "Woody Woodpecker" Halloween kids tv special. Along with the reruns of old movie cartoons, he also produced new segmentsw here his "Pint Size bird with the machine gun beak" tried to attened a Halloween party at a spooky old house on a hill. But, his efforts were being thwarted by his enemy "Buzz Buzzard".

Chuck McCann hosted a costume party with kids in the studio on Ch.11 in October, 1964. Hank Stohl mc'd another costume party for kids in the studio during the second and last broadcast of the program on WPIX TV in October, 1965.
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