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Original Air Date:
HBO Family
Prod. Co.:
Planet Grande Pictures

Characters & Voices
Poop or Scoop Announcer - Danny Wells
Captain Bones - S. Scott Bullock
Dora Smarmy - Mari Weiss
Valley Girl - Dawn Maxey
Captain Bob - Greg Eagles
Lens McCracken - S. Scott Bullock
Horrid One - John Watkin
Revolting Slob - Michael McShane
Johnnie Jumble - Peter Lurie
Eddie Bull - Ritchie Montgomery
Sketch Pad - Greg Eagles
Riddlesnake Raj - Veena Bidasha
Left Ear - John Watkin
Right Ear - Alan Schlaifer
Crashbox is a funny, interactive series that challenges grade-school kids with hip, fast-paced games about history, math, spelling, grammar, culture and vocabulary. Each edition is comprised of seven to eight educational games (two to five minutes each) drawn from a bank of 14 game types, from "Haunted House Party" to "Captain Bones" to "Dirty Pictures" to "Radio Scramble."

With up to ten or more different versions of a single game available, Crashbox is a truly modular series in which different versions of different games can be rotated from edition to edition.
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