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Courageous Cat and Minute Mouse


Original Air Date:
Prod. Co.:
Sam Singer


Characters & Voices
Courageous Cat - Dal McKennon
Minute Mouse - Dal McKennon
The Police Chief of Empire City - Dal McKennon
The Frog - Dal McKennon
Harry Ape - Dal McKennon
Rodney Rodent The Art Forger - Dal McKennon
Foxy Fox - Dal McKennon
Robber Rabbitt - Dal McKennon
Screwy The Squarell -
Darryl Hambone - Dal McKennon
The Black Cat - Dal McKennon
Big Shot The Mobster BullDog - Dal McKennon
Little Shot - Dal McKennon
Comrade The Spy - Dal McKennon
Commisaar The Spy - Dal McKennon
Prof. Shaggey Dog The Mad Scientist - Dal McKennon
Prof. Noodle Stroodel - Dal McKennon
In an effort to satirize his own creation, Batman creator Bob Kane developed this cartoon featuring a crime fighting cat and mouse. Courageous Cat and Minute Mouse protected the citizens of Empire City from a multitude of villains, including arch-nemesis Chauncey "Flat-Face" Frog, an amphibian gangster who sounded like Edward G. Robinson. In order to defeat the miscreants, Courageous Cat would employ his Catgun, an engineering marvel that could convert from gun to umbrella, shield, ladder, or whatever was necessary.

It may not have been groundbreaking in terms of story or animation, but Courageous Cat and Minute Mouse was still a favorite of many kids, who delighted in seeing a merging of their two favorite types of cartoons: talking animals and superheroes.

The series stayed on the air for only one season, but reruns were dusted off and shown in syndication after the prime-time Batman achieved its huge success later in the decade.

The series oiginally aired on "The Tommy Seven Show"
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