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Christmas That Almost Wasn't, The


Original Air Date:
Prod. Co.:
Childhood Prods. Inc.
Christmas special


Characters & Voices
Live Cast: -
Sam Whipple - Paul Tripp
Phinease T. Prune - Rosino Brazzi
Jonathan - Mischa Aurer
Mr. Prim - Sonny Fox
Lady Customer - Ruth Enders Tripp
Little Boy with Eye Glasses - David Tripp
In this Original Musical Yultide fantasy, Santa Claus is being evicted from his home and toy workshop at The North Pole by a mean and vindictive multi zillionaire, Phinease T. Prune.

Mr. Prune is angry with Santa because he forgot to give Mr. Prune his toy sailboat for Christmas many years ago. Prune buys up the North Pole and all of the land, including Santa's plot, so that he can raise the rent so high that Santa can't pay it and he will be evicted and have all of his toys taken away in lieu of payment.

Santa seeks out his friend lawyer, Sam Whipple, for help. Together the two men and the children find the funds to pay off Mr. Prune and prevent him from cancelling Christmas.

Mr. Tripp co-wrote the songs and music for this film with Ray Carter and he co-wrote the script with Mr. Brazzi. The Christmas That Almost Wasn't was first seen as a segment of CBS TV's "On The Carousel".
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