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Shirley Temple Storybook, The


Original Air Date:
Prod. Co.:
NBC TV Network Productions Inc.
Live Action

Characters & Voices
Live actors: -
Host/ Narrator/ Performer - Shirley Temple
The Sheppard - Grady Sutton
St.George - John Raitt
The King - John Raitt
Lurgan - Joesph Wiseman
Graves The evil butler - Arthur Treacher
Wee Willie Winkie - Lloyd Corrigan
The Merchant - E.G. Marshall
Amos - Jack Weston
The Lord Mayor - J. Pat O'Malley
Jim Cummins - J. Pat O'Malley
The Gobblin Queen - Alice Pearce
A peasant's wife - Alice Pearce
King Midas - Paul Ford
Marshall Rogers - Jackie Coogan
The Policeman - Ted De Corisa
The Burgomaster - Jacques Aubuchon
The Empoeror - Sebastian Cabot
Lord Nikidik - Jonathan Winters
Silas Barnaby - Jonathan Winters
Hepsibah Pyncheon - Agnes Moorehead
Mombi The Witch - Agnes Moorehead
Jamie Hawkins - Tony Haig
Blodgett - Lou Krugman
Ichabod Crane - Boris Karloff
Brom Bones - John Ericson
Mother Goose - Elsa Lanchester
Gonzogo - Jerry Collona
Rodrigo - Joe Besser
Barnaby's Other Henchman - Carl Ballentine
Madeline - Gina Gillespie
Miss Clavell - Immogene Coca
Jack Pumpkinhead - Sterling Holloway
The Scarecrow - Ben Blue
The Tin Woodsman - Gil Lamb
Able Baker - Billy Gilbert
Andy - Charles Black,Jr.
The King - Alexander Scourby
The voice of The Dragon - Jonathan Harris
The Bill Baird Puppets -
Ms.Temple hosted, narrated and performed in this mini series of tv shows that featured specially revamped versions of popular fairy tales, folk tales, children's stories and two musicials: "Babes In Toyland" and "Mother Goose".

The series was first seen on The NBC TV Network in 1958 under the title of "The Shirley Temple Storybook".

The program later moved to The ABC TV Network and was retitled "The Shirley Temple Show". The series had an all star cast of performers playing the characters and had the top directors, scripwriters and producers of the day creating and developing each and every show.
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