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Universal Studios

Characters & Voices
Polly Pocket -
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Lorelai -
Beth -
Polly Pocket is an optimist who regularly puts the needs and feelings of others before herself, so when she and her friends are invited to spend the weekend in the "PollyWorld" theme park and compete in a reality show called "Roll Like That," it seems like the perfect opportunity to have a great time while demonstrating just how effective teamwork can be. Polly is disturbed when her father unexpectedly announces his engagement to a woman named Lorelai, whom Polly has never met, but she is determined to be happy for her father and enjoy her weekend with her friends. Fun and teamwork take precedence over winning for the Polly Pocket team and the girls are having a great time in Polly World until Polly discovers that Lorelai has joined forces with her adversary Beth and is scheming to destroy her team's chances of winning and the close relationship Polly has with her Dad. Rather than jeopardize her father's happiness, Polly stays silent, potentially sacrificing her own contentment and her team's chances of winning the "Roll Like That" challenge.
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