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Thief and the Cobbler, The


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Characters & Voices
Zig - Zag the Grand Vizier
King Nod - Anthony Quayle
Princess Yum - Yum
Chief Roofless - Windsor Davies
Mighty One - Eye
Nurse - Joan Sims
Mad Holy Old Witch - Joan Sims
Dying Soldier - Clinton Sundberg
Phido the Vulture - Donald Pleasence
Tack the Cobbler - Sean Connery
Narrator - Felix Aylmer
Goblet - Kenneth Williams
Tickle - Kenneth Williams
Gofer - Stanley Baxter
Slap - Stanley Baxter
Dwarf - George Melly
Hoof - Eddie Byrne
Hook - Thick Wilson
aka "Arabian Knight"

Designed in the '60s, this Arabian Nights fantasy uses expressive animation to detail the story of a shy, near-silent cobbler who tries to win the affections of a distant princess. Meanwhile, the entertainingly evil, rhyme-speaking Grand Vizier Zig-zag tries to win the Princess's hand, and wages war on the peaceful Golden City. It's up to a rather odd, unspeaking local thief to set things right by accident.
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