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Wow! Wow! Wubbzy


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Characters & Voices
Wubbzy - Grey DeLisle
Widget - Lara Jill Miller
Walden - Carlos Alazraqui
Daisy - Tara Strong
Buggy - Grey DeLisle
Huggy - Lara Jill Miller
Earl - Carlos Alazraqui
Moo Moo the Magician - Carlos Alazraqui
Koooky Kid - Grey DeLisle
Old Lady Zamboni - Grey DeLisle
Wow! Wow! Wubbzy! is an animated preschool show that promotes positive values like honesty, tolerance, fairness, and cooperation.

Our hero--a friendly, cheerful little guy named Wubbzy--loves to play. Whether it's riding his tooter-scooter, baking a chocolate doodle-berry cake, or playing a game of hippity-hopscotch, Wubbzy just wants to have fun. But sometimes that's hard to do, like when Wubbzy loses a shoe, when his kickety-kick ball goes flat, or when he's being chased by a Giant Sillysaurus!

Luckily for Wubbzy, he can rely on his two best pals, Widget and Walden, to help him out of any sticky situation. Walden is a scientist who always tries to think up a solution, and Widget likes to build, so she may come up with a nifty invention--like a Super Suction Cup Bazooka or a Sonar-Radar All-in-One People Detector. Unfortunately, their help can make matters much worse! Each episode takes the friends on a wacky, wonderful, laugh-filled, loopy adventure. In the end, they find the solution and sing a song about what they've learned along the way.
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In 1945, Brenda Starr, who had previously appeared only on Sundays, added a daily strip as well.