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Horseland is set in the greatest stable ever, where kids and their horses compete and have adventures, and the horses and other animals can talk to each other - about the humans! In this new series, virtual reality horses come together with action adventure storylines. The episodes follow the relationships of five girls and two boys who have become fast friends trough their love of horses. Each episode features themes that deal with issues such as compassion, honesty, cooperationóboth human and equine. But, like all friends, they occasionally have conflicts too. Each character owns a unique horse, and the horses and stable dogs can talk to each other. All of the horses will be rendered very faithfully to their breeds, with precise, accurate depictions of training, grooming, riding and competition.


Sarah Whitney and Scarlet: Sarah is 11, smart, outgoing, and the leader of the group. At times she can be insecure and vulnerable. Sarah wants to be liked for herself, not because she is rich. She is a natural rider who started riding at age 5, and took to it like a duck to water.

Sarah is horse Scarlet is a high-strung black Arabian mare. She is fearless, regal, leader of the herd, but a little moody. At times, it seems Scarlet just wants to be left alone. Only Sarah can ride her.

Alma Rodriguez and Button: Alma is 12. She comes from a tight-knit Hispanic family. Her father, Jorge, has been overseeing the stablehands for the last ten years. When she was just five, Alma begged him to take her to work with him so she could meet the horses. Alma can often be found industriously grooming her horse, Button, a skewbald Pinto mare. Button is mischievous and teasing, and loves to play tricks on her owner and friends. When it is time to get serious, however, she is the best.

Chloe Stilton and Chili: Chloe is 12. Chloe is forceful and in-your-face. She and her sister, Zoey, are extremely competitive and will do anything to win?except work together. They are even more competitive with each other! When things get too ugly, the other girls have to insist the sisters not compete in the same categories. She is into clothes and make-up, big time. She loves Horseland and has a HUGE crush on Bailey.

Her horses is CHILI, a Grey Dutch Warm-blood stallion. Chili, the stallion, is mean and spiteful.

Zoey Stilton and Pepper: Zoey is sneaky. The stealth sister, she bides her time, laying in wait like a spider. She is extremely competitive and will do anything to win. When things get too ugly, the other girls have to insist the sisters not compete in the same categories. Zoey is into clothes and make-up, big time. She loves Horseland and has a HUGE crushes on Bailey.

Her horse is Pepper, a Grey Dutch Warm-Blood mare with a dark coat. Pepper is quick-tempered and can be a bit of a bully.

Molly Washington and Calypso: MOLLY is 11, hip, likable and funny, a free spirit who deals with life problems through humor. She makes fun of herself first and her friends second. The other kids get annoyed sometimes that Molly does not take anything very seriously... except her riding, of course.

Calypso, a spotted Appaloosa, is Molly's horse. She amiable, a little slow, hard to train, but affectionate and big-hearted. Once she learns something, however, she is learned it for life.

Will Taggert and Jimber: Will is 14. He is a cousin of Bailey and has lived with the family since he was little. He is like a big brother to Bailey. He is also the one who is in charge when the adults are not around. Will does not say much, but when he does, the kids (and horses) all listen. Will is into Western Riding. He dresses in cowboy gear... the hat, the shirt, the belt, the boots, and likes country music.

His horse, Jimber, is a strikingly handsome Palomino stallion. Jimber has a commanding presence and when he speaks, the others listen.

Bailey Handler and Aztec: Bailey is 12 and the son of the Horseland owners. He is temperamental, moody, and sometimes he is a troublemaker, though he never means to be. Bailey takes many chances and rarely considers consequences. Bailey is also the resident heartthrob. An animal lover, he insists horses be treated with gentleness.

His horse is Aztec, a Kiger Mustang, who is hot-blooded, hot-headed, a daredevil, a risk-taker and also very brave.

Shep: Shep is the Australian Shepherd herding dog who rules the stables with an iron paw. Highly intelligent, he keeps the horses in line. They do not always like it, but they take it. No one wants him nipping at their heels! Besides, when he tells them to do something, old blue eyes usually turns out to be right.

Teeny: Teeny is a pot-bellied pig. She wears a pair of pink ribbons on her ears and hates getting dirty. Although she is hefty, she is young, so it is still a mystery to her why the kids and/or the horses act the way they do. She is always turning to Shep with a question, trying to make sense of some senseless behavior.

Angora: Angora is a beautiful, slightly fluffy cat. She is also a sarcastic, self-serving grouch. Her voice is low-pitched, with a hint of purr. Angora loves Chloe & Zoey because they are even cattier than she is, and also because they bring her treats.
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