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Viva Pinata


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Characters & Voices
Hudson Horstachio - Dan Green
Fergy Fudgehog - Dave Wills
Paulie Pretztail - Brian Maillard
Franklin Fizzybear - Marc Thompson
Tina Twingersnap - Kathleen Delaney
Teddington Twingersnap - Jamie McGonnigal
Ella Elephanilla - Rebecca Soler
Les Galagoogoo - Eric Stuart
Langston Lickitoad - Mike Pollock
Professor Pester - Michael Alston Baley
Pierre Parrybo - Pete Zarustica
The Bonboon -
Chortles -
Pecky -
Wilson -
In a garden on Piñata Island, a multitude of happy, colorful Piñata species live and frolic and dance (Piñatas love to dance) and grow and (in some cases) develop deep-seated neuroses. The Piñatas live to fill themselves full of the most delicious candies a child could ever want, and they eagerly await the glorious day when they’re chosen by the Piñata Factory to entertain at birthday parties, bar mitzvahs, retirement parties and other special celebrations all over the world!

It is here in the garden, among the burrowing Profitamole, the bovine Moozipan, and the tree-swinging Cinnamonkey that we will find a small band of Piñata friends that have known one another since they were children (back in their black and white days, when they first came to the garden).

Fergy Fudgehog, Paulie Pretztail, Franklin Fizzlybear, Tina and Teddington Twingersnap, Les Galagoogoo, and Hudson the Horstacio - for each of these fast friends, being a Piñata means something very different. Some Piñatas can’t wait to reach maximum candy-osity so that they can blast off from the Piñata Factory over and over again, bringing joy to children and partygoers all over the world. Others respond to the prospect of being shipped off to a strange place where happy children in festive hats hang you from a tree, bludgeon you until your limbs fall off and devour your innards, as suicide. Still others physically train for the parties as if they were off to the Olympic Games – hardening their bodies to create a challenge for the little tykes clamoring to get at their candy.

Why is it that Piñata Island is the only place in the world Piñatas can be found? Even the Piñatas don’t really know – but with so much happening in the garden, what with weird new Piñatas arriving all the time, crazed black-market Piñata poachers trying to muscle in on the factory’s action, mysteries to solve, violent garden pests (referred to as “Sours”) to contend with, and constant opportunities to dance - who has time to worry about it?

The only thing upon which these Piñatas can agree is that on Piñata Island, anything can happen…
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