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Growing Up Creepie


Original Air Date:
Discovery Kids
Prod. Co.:
Taffy Entertainment

Characters & Voices
Creepie - Athena Karkanis
Caroleena - Julie Lemieux
Vinnie - Dwayne Hill
Gnat - Stevie Vallance
Pauly - David Berni
Beauregard Bently II (Budge) - Richard Yearwood
Chris - Alice Hollyruller
Melanie -
Carla -
Harry Helby -
Ms. Monserrate -
Dr. Pappas -
Creepie is “different.” Found on the doorstep of the abandoned Dweezwold mansion, Creepie was taken in by the family of bugs who lived there and taught her their ways.

Growing up with bugs was the most natural thing in the world for Creepie, but her parents knew she had to learn to survive in the outside world. So they decided it was time to send Creepie to school...with oversized, clod-footed bipeds...the humans!!!

Creepie was surprised to learn that the world is infested with humans and even more shocked to find out she was one of them! Sure, she noticed she was different from the other bugs in the house, but she always assumed she’d molt one day and develop wings and antennae.

Creepie finds humans who have no colorful protective exoskeletons just as strange as they find her. But she’s not looking for anyone’s approval. She’s not going to change or try to fit in just because other people think she’s different. And, when things get rough, she’s got the perfect protective shell - her loving family, dark humor and dry wit. At the same time, as Creepie spends more and more time with other people, she can’t help caring - a little - what they think of her but she’s unafraid to be her quirky self.

It’s just as hard to keep the outside world away from Dweezwold mansion and keep her home life a secret, but Creepie has to. If anyone found out the truth about her, she’d be taken from her family and the house would be fumigated. Except for a few trusted friends, no one can ever find out Creepie’s secret.
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