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Yin Yang Yo!


Original Air Date:
Disney Channel
Prod. Co.:
Walt Disney Television Animation

Characters & Voices
Yin - Stephanie Morgenstern
Yang - David Wenham
Yo - Martin Roach
Lina - Novie Edwards
Roger Junior - Dwayne Hill
Dave - Dwayne Hill
Melodia - Megan Fahlenbock
Night Master - David Hemblen
Flayviour - David Berm
Grizzleflavin - Jonathan Wilson
Dank & Dire - Damon Papadopoulos
Eradicus - Jonathan Wilson
Ella Mental - Linda Ballantyne
Indestructo Bob - Tony Daniels
Rubber Chucky - Gerard Butler
Molecu Lars - David Berm
Carl the Evil Cockroach Wizard - Jamie Watson
Brother Herman - David Berm
Saranoia - Linda Ballantyne
Ultimoose - Tony Daniels
Kraggler - Tony Daniels
Fastidious - Mark Bowen
Zarnot - Jamie Watson
Yuck - Scott McCord
Chung Pow Kitties - Stephanie Morgenstern
Pondscüm - Jonathan Wilson
Smoke - Linda Ballantyne
Badfoot -
The Manotuar - Seth MacFarlane
Coop - Jonathan Wilson
A cartoon about a Panda martial arts master and the two bunnies that make up his dojo.
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