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Replacements, The


Original Air Date:
Disney Channel
Prod. Co.:


Characters & Voices
Todd - Nancy Cartwright
Riley - Grey DeLisle
Agent K - Kath Soucie
Dick Daring - Daran Norris
C.A.R. - David McCallum
Shelton Klutzberry - Jeff Bennett
The Replacements, follows the adventures of two kids named Todd and Riley. One day they were cleaning up the house (as it defines in the theme song) and they found a comic book with an ad by a company named Fleemco. The ad said if you paid $1.98 you will get access to the replacements. The replacements are people that replace current adults in whomever's life needs or wants it. Todd and Riley get new parents from Fleemco. Their father is Dick Daring, a world famous stuntman, and their mother is Agent K, a British super-spy.
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